The founders, Sharon Harris, Barbara Feuring and Tony Knudson, are very fortunate to work with a respected local manufacturer and world-renowned herbalist in the starting of a very unique company, Healthy Hearts Club.

Besides a proven track record (30 years) our manufacturer has the prestigious honor of being the first herbal manufacturer in Western Canada to be certified as totally 'organic'. This means that the herbs that are used are grown without pesticides and the formulas use NO chemical additives.

The majority of the herbs are 'wild-crafted' in the Pacific Northwest. This means they grow naturally and are harvested in their natural growing habitat. They are harvested at their peak potency at different times of the year depending on their growing cycle making this a year-round industry.

The Northwest, especially British Columbia, is known world wide for its healthy Rocky Mountain environment - fresh mountain air, crystal-clear lakes and streams, and lush greenery - a perfect setting for the best herbs on the planet!