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My name is Joseph Alomar. I am 60 years old and live in Deland, Florida. I am a 20-year heart patient and have suffered 10 heart attacks and 2 strokes. I also suffered from irregular heartbeat, congestive heart failure and digestion problems. Further, I had a sleep disorder to the point of I could go to bed at nine, and was still awake at 12:00, 1:00, 6:00 AM. I got very little sleep. I have been on Heart And Body Extract for 30 days. Let me start by saying, you have a great product that works! I knew that true healing would come from nature, as Mother Nature knows best. Nature and God work together and it is no coincidence that I met you, and this was my destiny. Here are my results. My angina is gone. I have no more discomfort. Before, I felt like my heart had very little power and it was not pumping properly. After I would eat, it would feel like a ball of mass sitting there undigested. It felt like I had inadequate stomach juices to digest my food. I had to be very strict on my diet, otherwise I would suffer for it. When I would eat, my stomach would cramp and the food would stay in a ball overnight. My weight went from 170lbs to 143lbs to 131lbs. The doctor said my heart was so weak I could hardly sustain digestion and elimination. My life had become a mostly bedridden existence where I could barely get to the bathroom or cook for myself. I live alone and had no one helping me. I was not able to stand for more than 2 or 3 minutes and could hardly walk. Because I had a very positive attitude and Jesus in my life, I managed to get my errands done (with His guidance so that I could get things done!). Because I was so weak, everything had to be planned efficiently.

Now after using Heart And Body Extract, I can hear my stomach juices and I can eat more things. My digestion and elimination is much improved. Now after using Heart And Body Extract, when I hit the pillow I fall right to sleep - and sleep throughout the night. I cannot tell you how much better a person feels when they can sleep.

Before using Heart And Body Extract, I could feel that my heart was beating weakly and was not pumping properly. I also felt that the beat was irregular. Now my heart is beating regularly and has strength and vitality. I experimented with Heart And Body Extract for the last month, and I have concluded it is a very effective product. I will continue to order, as it keeps my heart problems in control. Today I was out since 7:00AM literally running around town going to the bank and doing errands. Altogether I walked 4-5 miles! I feel great - I am not out of breath and I am not tired. Heart And Body Extract has saved my life. My next goal is to start riding my bicycle 4 to 5 miles at a time morning and evening, like I did years ago. I am almost like normal with your great product.

People born in the 40's, 50's and even the 60's are facing major medical crises with Heart Disease and Diabetes. Everyone is looking for something that will work. The only way to get true healing is from the plants that grow out of the ground… organic herbs - God's medicine. Heart And Body Extract has an effective formula that works! It can help millions of people get their life back like I did.

Thank You Heart And Body Extract, and God Bless us All!

Joseph Alomar
Deland, FL


Dear Sharon Harris,

I thank you so much for your letter that I received yesterday 2-20-2003.

My doctor said I have Congestive Heart Failure and I have spent a long period of time lying in bed, propped up trying to breathe. That was my life - try to breathe!

I have been on Heart And Body Extract for 4 months, and am about to start my 3rd large bottle.

Yes, these drops are helping. My heart beat is up to 67 beats per minute. It had previously been only 37 to 40 beats per minute for quite some time. It had even gone down as low as 19 beats per minute. Before using Heart And Body Extract it felt like I was missing heartbeats. Now its regular and I have 67 beats per minute. I am able to get around better now and can do errands for myself.

Thank you Heart And Body Extract. I have a life again.

Samuel B. (84 years old)

My name is R.R. and I am a 60 year-old man from Victorville CA. For 10 years I suffered from angina and acid reflux. I had swelling in my knees and legs and could walk only short distances. In 2002 I had an angiogram and the doctor discovered I was 99% blocked in a main heart artery. I felt like hell, I had very little energy, was very tired, and I was afraid I would die. I went in for an emergency angioplasty and began my recuperation from being hospitalized.

I saw Sharon's ad in the USA Today and thought I should give Heart And Body Extract a try to improve my condition and prevent future problems.

I started taking Heart And Body Extract approximately 8 months ago and can feel myself getting better every day. My angina and acid reflux is totally gone. I can now walk 3-5 miles per day. I have no swelling at all in my knees or legs. I feel like a new man - a 30 year old man. I walk very fast (in between a walk and a run). I have no more shortness of breath. I sleep very well and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. At this point I only take less of my prescription drugs and hope some day to be totally drug free. I know Heart And Body Extract works and would recommend it to anyone who wants to prevent clogging of the arteries. If someone has clogged arteries and we are 'clogged' by 35 years old, it will gently assist the body to safely and effectively remove it out of the body.

I am very excited about Heart And Body Extract and am working with Sharon to get the word out to people to about this helpful product so they can benefit like I did.

Thank you Heart And Body Extract.

Victorville, CA


My name is Sharon Hamilton. I am 57 years old and live in Gaffney SC. The diagnosis the doctor gave me was "congestive heart failure with extra enlarged heart, high blood pressure and diabetes". I am into my second week of using the product and it is working remarkably well. When I called Sharon to order I asked her to get it to me quickly as I was growing weaker and weaker and sicker and sicker. I felt like I could die at any time. She sent it to me quickly 3 Day UPS.

Before using the Heart And Body Extract I could only sleep 2 to 3 hours per night. I had to sleep in a recliner as I could not sleep flat in a bed. I had too much fluid retention in my lungs and could not breathe. I dreaded nighttime coming, as I knew I would have a long night struggling to get some rest. I would usually wake up at 4:00-5:00 AM and sometimes at 2:30 AM. Now I can sleep in the bed and I can breathe. Last night I slept until 6:30 AM. I had a full nights sleep - something I had not had in many years.

Before using Heart And Body Extract I had water retention in my feet, ankles and legs. They were very swollen. Now the swelling is completely gone. This is less than 2 weeks of use! Unbelievable!

Before using Heart And Body Extract my energy level was very, very low I could only walk a few feet and I would then have to sit down. I was very tired and lethargic. My energy level has improved greatly and I can now walk longer distances without getting tired so fast.

I am going to get my blood pressure and blood sugar levels done soon and I will let you know the results as soon as I know them. I know I feel a lot better.

Thank you Heart And Body Extract. I have my life back again. I shall continue to use your wonderful product and am looking forward to further healing.

Keep up the good work!

Sharon Hamilton
Gaffney, SC


Dear Sharon,

I have been using your Heart & Body product for several months. Because of excessive stress and other factors out of my control, I had been experiencing irregular heartbeats that were very disturbing both day and night. In a very short time after starting to use this product, the pounding, fluttery feeling in my chest had stopped. This problem is so much better since I found this great product. It contains everything I had been trying to take in pill form, to restore good heart health!

Thank you for a quality product that does work.



My name is Del Zachay. I reside in El Cajon CA.

I was concerned about my cholesterol readings because I knew that high cholesterol is related to clogging of the arteries and increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. One day I saw an ad for Heart and Body Extract and was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I wanted to make sure this product works and wanted hard objective evidence. I got my cholesterol readings done just before using Heart and Body Extract. The readings were as follows:

Total cholesterol: 230
Triglycerides: 190
LDL: 177
HDL: 25

I went back to my doctor a month later to see the results to see if Heart and Body Extract works or not. The readings were as follows:
Total Cholesterol: 180
Triglycerides: 102
LDL: 119
HDL: 41 (should be 40 plus, this is the good cholesterol)

I am happy I got the testing done, as I did not have to wonder if it was working or not. This test is proof positive it does work. The numbers don't lie. For those of you who are skeptical (I am) take your cholesterol test before using Heart and Body Extract and then again 1 month later to prove your results.

I feel great and I am confident Heart and Body Extract is working on unclogging my arteries. I am now telling people about it and they also are successful on the product and reordering.

Thank you Heart and Body Extract.


Del Zachay
El Cajon, CA


My name is Gregory F. I live in Orange, CA and am 43 years old. My diagnosis is 'hypo profusion of the brain'. In other words not enough blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen get to my brain. I have had this problem since 3 years old. The doctors said I had ADD or learning problems. Also I had memory problems, eye muscle imbalance, auditory processing deficit, balance problems, coordination problems, attention and focus difficulties, and depression. Further I had problems with expressive language, hand and eye coordination, depth perception, fatigue and shortness of breath. I had the symptoms of a person with traumatic brain injury.

I had thick, dark, clotted blood, which was not moving (like mud or molasses...). The doctors also said it was stagnant. I had seen my blood it looked like jello. My sex life was not so good. I had little desire and could not last long. I adapted well and would try to focus on the positive things of life. I learned how to survive with my challenges because I had to.

I saw one of Sharon's ads and ordered one 2-month supply. The first day I tried Heart And Body Extract I slept very well, very soundly which is unusual for me. I immediately had more energy and felt a lifting of depression. I felt a brightness of spirit and felt like there was increased blood flow to my brain. Heart And Body Extract helped me with my balance and with the control of my extremities. I always loved to run but could not coordinate very well. Now I can with Heart And Body Extract, I can run and I can run well! My male virility is a lot better now. I have the confidence to enter into a relationship with a woman again. Before I used to wake up nervous, anxious with dread. Now I wake up rested, peaceful and calm.

Before I felt like a car running without oil. Now I feel like a car with the oil it needs to run smoothly. My body is getting what it needs to run. I am looking forward to my next 100ml bottle to continue my healing. I'm looking forward to getting my blood work tested to show the improvement in my blood and I will keep you advised as to my progress.

Thank you.

Gregory F.
Orange CA


Hello, my name is Maxine and I am 85 years old. I have been on the product for 6 months. Here is what I have to report on Heart And Body Extract... I feel a lot better on the product, otherwise I would not spend the money on it. Before using Heart And Body Extract my hearing was very poor. My hearing was a lot better within the first bottle. Sometimes I want the TV further away as it is too loud. Before using Heart And Body Extract my legs were very cold. Now my legs are warm, and I am feeling well. I was diagnosed as having blocked arteries in the neck. I had 100% blockage and it felt hot - on fire. I would have to use a cold towel to reduce the heat. Now my neck feels a lot better - it is not nearly as warm. Before using Heart And Body Extract my cholesterol readings were over 300. Now they are 157 - Perfectly normal! I expect I will continue to improve month after month and realize it could take a year or so at my age to completely unclog my arteries. I will continue to use this product because I feel a lot better on it. My doctor upon my last visit said the following, "Bone Density - normal, Blood Sugar levels - normal". (Plus, my arthritis is better, too...) I give Heart And Body Extract full credit for my health improvements.

Thank you,

Maxine Rouse
Paramount, CA


My wife is 53 years old and was diagnosed as having blood clots in the circulation.

Her blood was not moving properly throughout her body and it was sluggish like mud or molasses. The doctors tried a lot of things to try and remove her suffering.

She was given morphine for the pain. They gave her Coumadin, to attempt to keep the blood thinner. Her veins and arteries were popping up in her legs, arms and her head. She had aneurysms on both sides of her head. The doctors had to open up her skull and clamp a tourniquet on both aneurysms to ensure if one of them burst she would not die. She went to the hospital on numerous occasions and her legs and arms were getting larger and larger and more swollen. In one of her legs they put in another vein to try and help her circulation. Her hand got really bad and started to develop gangrene. They said they had to cut off her hand. I said, "What next, are you going to take off her arm?" They said, "yes", if they had to, and they did not know what else to do to help her. If the gangrene continued they would have to cut off the whole arm. I could not believe this was happening, as my wife is not diabetic. As it turned out the doctors only cut off most of her fingers and the rest of the hand and arm was saved. The doctors told me she would be on blood thinners for life.

Gloria had too many blood clots. The doctors were fearful if one of them hit her heart she would have a heart attack; or if the clot hit her brain, a stroke. They operated on her and installed a filter in her chest so the clots could not travel to her heart or brain, to keep her alive. Every week she had to go to the hospital and her blood was getting thicker and thicker. She felt harsh electrical shocks in her arm and felt pain in her heart area like she was having a heart attack. We were in a living nightmare of fear, pain, and suffering.

One day I saw an advertisement for Heart And Body Extract and ordered it for Gloria. I said to her, "Try it and see how you feel". Within two days she said, "I feel better, I feel different." She went back to the hospital and the doctors confirmed what she felt, the circulation was improving. I don't know what is in these drops to make them work so well, but it works and it works fast! Heart And Body Extract is a miracle! I trust Heart And Body Extract. It is very effective. The medicines and procedures the doctors gave did not help much; it only treated her symptoms.

Heart And Body Extract is healing her. Gloria does not go to the doctor anymore. Gone are the blood thinners! Gloria continues to get better day after day rapidly. I give full credit to Heart And Body Extract. Thank you so very much. I cannot wait to tell as many people as I can about this wonderful product.


Ramon Medina


My name is Larry Bagwell. I am 48 years old and am pleased to tell you the following testimonial regarding Heart And Body Extract...

I had started to suffer from chest pain for about a year and it was getting worse and worse as time was going on. My left arm was very sore and my energy level was very poor. I could only walk 10 minutes and then I would get pain in the back of my legs. I would have to stop and rest, as it was really bad. I ordered Heart And Body Extract and within the first 48 hours my angina disappeared. Now I am on my second month and my energy has greatly improved. I sleep well at night and the angina no longer keeps me awake. I can walk a long time and have no discomfort whatsoever. I feel a lot better. Thank you, Heart And Body Extract. It definitely works and it works quickly.

Larry Bagwell


The whole thing that I can tell you is that I feel better each and every day.

Before using Heart And Body Extract I did not feel well. I felt tired and lethargic with very little energy and pep. I did not sleep well at all and my blood pressure was dangerously high. I had a bulging aneurysm on my left leg left of the kneecap. I also suffered from male erectile dysfunction, which is very sad, as I love my girlfriend and was not able to give her a full functioning partner in the bedroom. She was very nice and gentle about it, but I felt incomplete.

I have been on the product for 2 months and this is what I have to report. First I feel good and am improving steadily every day. The quality of my sleep is much improved. I lost 67 points off of my blood pressure readings. My blood pressure readings are approaching normal with no medications. My aneurysm is diminishing and I know that could take 6 months to a year to totally heal.

I am 100% sold on Heart And Body Extract. I just ordered 2 more large bottles and gave one to my friend for his birthday for his blood pressure problems. I want my friend to be alive for a long time. I am a very happy person and do my absolute best to follow the 10 commandments. I would recommend Heart And Body Extract to any one who is alive, breathing, and human.

Regarding my erectile dysfunction problem, Sharon suggested to add the Male Virility Extract and Gentleman Extract to my daily regimen and I am very happy to report that within a month of adding these 2 extracts I can perform like a champion.

Thank you Sharon. You have a very pleased customer. Your formulas work!

All the Best,

Lee Roland
Las Vegas, Nevada


Heart and Body Extract definitely works! You can live without an eye, arm, or leg but you only have one heart. You have to have your heart or you die. It is the most important organ we have. So the product costs $55.00, $60.00 or even $100.00 or $200.00... It does not matter because it is worth it - because it works.

I was diagnosed as having dilated cardio-myopathy. The cardiologist said a virus causes it and it can take up to a year for the body to heal itself, if it does. If it does not I would have to go on the heart transplant list. My cardiologist is oriental and said it would be fine to take Heart and Body Extract. Being oriental he could see the value in the herbs being in one concentrated formula. To me there is no way I could eat that much garlic to get the same benefit. Plus I would have stinky breath and armpits. With Heart and Body Extract the smell from my mouth is gone within 5 minutes because I take it under my tongue and it goes directly into the bloodstream. It by passes the stomach for maximum absorption.

Before taking Heart and Body Extract I had angina, pressure in my chest. Within 72 hours of taking it the pain was going away. I feel a lot better now, more energy, no pain. I went to see my cardiologist after being on Heart and Body Extract for 5 weeks. He listened to my heart and said it sounded completely normal. He has absolutely no problem with me being on the product at all.

Before using Heart and Body Extract I got reoccurring gum infections and would need to see the dentist for Penicillin. This time when I got the infection it was healed in a couple of days by itself. I guess that does not surprise me as Heart and Body Extract has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, istimulant properties.

Heart and Body Extract has done an excellent job. I am really happy with the results. I would not be without it right now. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.

James Court
Lansing, Michigan


This product has been a real blessing to others and myself. It helped a friend so much that I could not help but try it for myself. First I will describe what happened to Miguel. Before using Heart And Body Extract, Miguel had High Blood Pressure, angina, swelling in his ankles and he had poor libido and poor performance in the bedroom. Within his first 2-month supply bottle his angina was gone within the first few days, his blood pressure was normal within weeks, the swelling was gone within weeks and he was virile within the first month. It increased the size of his penis considerably because of the increased blood flow. He was very pleasantly surprised about his lower body part and was amazed he could make love to his wife like there was no tomorrow.

Before starting Heart And Body Extract I went to the cardiologist to get a sonogram on my groin and carotid arteries. The nurse said I had an 18% blockage. After using Heart And Body Extract for 6 weeks I went back to get a second sonogram to see my results. The same nurse did the sonogram. She said, "My God, I have to double check to see if this is correct... It is correct! What in the world did you do? You have the arteries of a baby! You have the arteries of a garden hose! Your arteries are completely clear!" My nurse is completely impressed with Heart And Body Extract and is now telling her patients about it. The cardiologist could not believe his eyes and will consider giving Heart And Body Extract to his patients also. My nurse tried to cut off the blood flow by using a large blood pressure cuff in my calf. She was not able to do so as my heart is stronger and there is no resistance in the arteries. My blood pressure is excellent -120/80.

I have a friend by the name of Joey. This is what he said... At age 69 he was on 5 medications for his heart and blood pressure. He had angina, swollen ankles, shortness of breath and was not able to have sex with his wife. Now after just 1-month supply the angina is gone, there is no more swelling of the ankles, and the blood pressure is controlled. He reordered another bottle and is now down to 2 medications and last but not least - he can make love to his wife. At age 69 he has the energy and vitality to work a whole 8 hr workday. Before he only had the energy to pull a 3 hr workday. Wow! He calls Heart And Body Extract a miracle product!

Last but not least, Abraham had swollen lymph nodes and was worried about being toxic. He decided to try Heart And Body Extract. Within the first bottle the swollen lymph nodes were no longer swollen. I could go on and on regarding this wonderful product - Heart And Body Extract! I will continue to share the good news to others and want to help as many as I can. There is simply too much suffering - which can be stopped with Heart And Body Extract.

Thank you,

Joe Gill
Miami, Florida


My name is Laura Field and I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am 65 years young. I purchased a 1-month supply of Heart and Body Extract and am pleased to report the following results in my first month of use.

It's cleared up my sinus infection. It cleared my cold from the lungs. I have more energy and I sleep better at night. My cholesterol readings improved by 30%. My cholesterol readings are now normal. My blood pressure improved by 15 points and my diabetes has improved by 15%. Please send me another bottle today. I do not want to be without this product any longer than I have to.

Thank You,

Laura Field
St Petersburg, Florida



My name is Lorne Minke. I am 64 years old and reside in sunny Florida.

Heart and Body Extract works and it is doing me a lot of good. Before using Heart and Body Extract, I had numbness on the side of my face, in my left arm and fingers. I had heart palpitations and my legs fell asleep when I was sitting in the same spot for a while. The circulation in the lower legs would seem cut off after a short time of sitting. I decided to give Heart and Body Extract a try and within the first 30-day supply the numbness and tingling in my face arm and finger went away. The heart palpitations disappeared within the first few days. Within the first 2 to 3 bottles of 1 month supply each, my leg circulation while sitting was improved. It no longer felt like it was impaired. I felt normal. I stopped taking the product for 3-4 months and the numbness and tingling in the face, arm, and fingers came back, but not as bad. I called Sharon and reordered a 2-month supply and within a very short period of time the numbness and tingling went away.

Heart and Body Extract is doing a lot of good. I plan on staying on this product for life. Evidently my body is getting what it needs on the product. It is easy to take 3 times per day. If I am traveling I take my little bottle 50 ml with me and leave the big one (100 ml) at home. I will start to put up signs in Florida to let others know of the benefits of Heart and Body Extract.

Thank you,

Lorne Minke


My name is Don Bushong. I am 44 years old and live in Conway Arkansas. I have been on Heart and Body Extract for 30 Days and I am very impressed with the formula's effectiveness. It definitely works and it works quickly! Before using the product the bottom of my feet would hurt. Even when I was asleep it hurt. I did not sleep well I was up 2 or 3 times and could not sleep straight through. I had arthritis-like symptoms in my knuckles, which bothered me and also back discomfort because of a supposed pinched nerve. I took MSM and prescription drugs for the back pain. The prescription pain reliever never seemed to help but the MSM did.

By the second day of using Heart and Body Extract my feet were releived. Within 3-4 days my disconfort in the knuckles was relieved. My back discomfort is totally gone. I am off the prescription drug and I no longer use the MSM. Heart and Body Extract is all I need to keep myself discomfort-free. Also, most importantly, I have no more insomnia. I can sleep straight through the night. I am glad I met you Sharon. You have helped me with your product. Thank you - and I need to reorder.

Don Bushong


My name is Richard Giunta. I am 61 years old and live in Freeport, NY. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which was caused by a virus. This led to a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. I had a 20% heart infarction rate and was a candidate for a heart transplant. They put me on the transplant list. At age 61 I did not think there was much hope in me getting a heart. They would give a heart to a younger person. I felt absolutely terrible. I was very lethargic and was not able to do anything. I was coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and I would cough up mucous constantly. The doctors put me on a battery of drugs, which made me feel worse, and I quickly lost my independence and my manlihood. I also developed erectile dysfunction. The doctors and nurses said, "you can't do this... you can't do that..." My quality of life was horrible. I was short of breath and could only stand a few minutes, and then I would need to sit down.

By some odd miracle I received a business publication I do not subscribe to, and I thought to myself, "while I am alive, I will try it..." Within 2 weeks of using Heart and Body Extract I noticed a difference in how I felt. I noticed my symptoms were going away. I was not coughing, wheezing and sneezing like I used to. The mucous was disappearing and clearing out. I gradually stopped taking my medications, and got my sex life back. I can get an erection again. I've been using the product for a total of 8 months, and I do not feel such a strain on my heart and stomach. I have way more energy and vitality. I have a quality life again. I can do anything I want to. I do not restrict myself to anything. Whatever I want to do, I do! I experimented going on and off the product at intervals, and have concluded I need to be on Heart and Body Extract for life, as it keeps me feeling well. When I do not take Heart and Body Extract, I go back to feeling lousy. Heart and Body Extract is a natural product, which works! It is the whole formula that is effective due to the careful proportion, synergy and balance of the herbs as a whole. The doctors noticed I was getting a lot better and said, "are you using your medications?" I said, "No". They said, "Keep doing what you're doing, but we do not want to know what your doing." The regular medicine in America is from the dark ages. It does not heal. It is the worst in the world. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. You have given me my life back! I am happy and have a positive attitude. I feel better about myself. I feel independent and in control of my body.

God Bless you Heart and Body Extract! Continue your good work and help others!


Richard Giunta


I am John's wife and we live in Harrison, Arkansas. John is 61 years old and has been using the Heart and Body Extract for 30 days. We need to reorder. This is what it has done for him...

Before using Heart and Body Extract John had chest discomfort. He had a lot of pressure around the heart. He was not able to walk hardly at all, and would have to sit down in no time. He had clogging in his legs also. He was sleeping badly and had very low energy.

We have tried 1 bottle, so far. Now he has just a little wee pressure in his chest. It has greatly improved. His legs are much better and he can walk substantially further. His energy level is greatly improved, and he is sleeping better.

This formula is definitely working. Nothing else he tried helped, but this does. Thank you, Heart and Body Extract.


Mrs. Klopfenstein for John Klopfenstein
Harrison, Arkansas


My wife was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease. This is a catch phrase the doctors use for dementia. She has been using the formula for 8 months, and she has improved dramatically. I appreciate the fact that Heart and Body Extract unclogs the arteries throughout the whole body, including the brain. My wife had severe blockages in her brain. Heart and Body Extract cleanses the blood and provides the body with increased oxygen and nutrition. Oxygen and nutrition are crucial for healing to take place. Heart and Body Extract is the best product available for removing calcium and heavy metal deposits in the arteries. For dementia I also recommend weight training, as this gets the glucose and nutrition into the cells at the cellular level, very effectively. The results are amazing! I have my old wife back!

Thank you Heart and Body Extract! You have a great product!


Steven Sowers
Banning, CA


My name is Rev. Frankie Henderson. I am 63 years old and live in Falkville, Alabama. I was facing permanent paralysis due to 5 automobile accidents. The first accident was in 1972, and the last one happened in 1996. The last one broke my back. The first accident involved 2 cars. The second accident involved only me. The third accident involved 3 cars. The fourth accident involved 4 cars. The fifth accident involved 5 cars. None of these accidents were my fault. My injuries were very severe and I endured extreme discomfort. I suffered from severe stenosis in the lower back. I had closing of the spinal canal, which affected all of the nerves. I was in danger of losing my bowel and bladder function but did have it, still.

Before using Heart and Body Extract my stand up time was 2 minutes. My walking span was 50 - 60 feet, then I would have to sit down.

Nine days after starting Heart and Body Extract I was no longer vomiting due to the issue. After 14 days I took myself off Lasix. I have no problems with water retention at all now. The doctors wanted me medicated for pain management 24/7, but I did not want that so I just suffered with the discomfort. After 1 month on the drops I was able to stand for 4 minutes and I was able to walk 200 feet uphill. My mobility improved to were I was able to move my right foot and right arm substantially better. I had knots in my neck and knots in my back due to the stress I was holding in my body. I would need a regular massage to work the knots out. My friend who does the massages for me was amazed that 90% of the knots in my entire back were gone. There are still severe knots in my lower back, L1 and L2, where my severest injury was. I have a little discomfort in the neck but marriage will do that to anyone, especially retired couples. I am waiting for Heart and Body to continue to work on them there. My doctor said to me if I was still walking by April, it was a major miracle. He saw me recently and was amazed at my improvement. He saw my increased mobility and he saw the difference in the amount of discomfort I was enduring. He did strength tests on my arms and legs, and was impressed by the improvement. He said continue on Heart and Body Extract for 4 more months. If you continue to improve back surgery may not be necessary. I will go back to him in September. He may say no to surgery at that time. Regardless of what he says, I may say no, as I am mobile and functioning at a level I have not been at for years. They are not going to cut my spine open, if I can help it.

I have learned I need to take Heart and Body Extract 15 drops 3 times per day, otherwise the discomfort level goes up and I become puffy. Once I am on the proper dosage, I get the best results. Thank you God, for leading me to Heart and Body Extract. It is making a profound improvement in my life.

If I stand up too long, I will pay for it. On the whole, if I judge the improvement, it is miraculous. I took the letters off the church sign. (I have not been able to do that for 7 years - I did not think, I just did it!) I was amazed I could do it. I was overwhelmed by my accomplishment and tears streamed down my face. Until you are denied the simple things, you just do not appreciate it. People take these things for granted. My legs are not yet strong enough to have a bath. I am tired of bed baths and kitchen sink baths. Oh I would love to have a bath. When I do I will lay there with a book, candles and CD to thoroughly enjoy this simple pleasure. ( I do not care about wrinkly skin, I will ENJOY my bath.)

As another benefit of Heart and Body Extract, I no longer need my night driving glasses. I've been using them for 10 years. I am looking forward to continued healing on Heart and Body Extract. Thank God for Heart and Body Extract. I wish to tell as many as I can about this wonderful product. It is way up there in priority in terms of what I appreciate. Thank you very much, I am grateful for what this formula has done for me.


Rev. Frankie Henderson
Falkville, Alabama


My name is Alex Montgomery. I am 54 years old and live in Lagrange, GA. I had 3 heart attacks in February 2004, and they did a 3 way bypass surgery on me. They also gave me medications. After the surgery I still had chest discomfort and chest constrictions. I started Heart and Body Extract in March. Within 3 weeks of using the formula it started to work. I have been on Heart and Body for 3 months, and my chest discomforts have disappeared. I am going by how I feel, lack of angina, and lack of chest constriction. You guys have me hooked. Please do not go out of business... I need this product. Before using this formula I was skeptical. Now after using it - I am a believer! Also, my blood pressure is improving, too!


Alex Montgomery
La Grange, GA


My name is Mike Clark. I am 50 years old and live in Spokane Valley, Washington. I am a truck driver by profession, and after sitting in the truck for a couple of hours, my feet were giving me a lot of trouble. My feet would become numb and I would have to lay flat for a spell to get circulation back into them. I decided to try Heart and Body Extract. After a few days of using the product I had more energy and was feeling more alert. Within 3 weeks of taking the formula, my feet felt a lot better - they were not getting numb. (Also my hands - now I can feel them, before they were really numb...) I find myself able to do more strenuous work. Somehow the formula is reducing my appetite, which is great, as I can stand to lose some weight. I feel younger, more vibrant, more alive. I want to reorder a large bottle and I will get one for my wife, too. Thank you, Heart and Body Extract. I appreciate an excellent product that works.


Mike Clark
Spokane Valley, Washington


My friend Santos is in her late 50's and lives in Conception, Texas. Santos is diabetic, overweight and had very clogged arteries. The doctors did not want to do a coronary by pass surgery because she is diabetic and they did not think she would survive the surgery. Santos suffered from severe excruciating chest discomfort. She had difficulties sitting, standing and laying down. She had to sleep upright with her clothes on to get a little fitful rest. She needed to be dressed in case she had to be rushed to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night. Her cholesterol levels were high, her liver enzymes were high, and she was anemic. Last but not least, she had swollen feet - so much so that she could not wear shoes.

Santos has been on the Heart and Body Extract for 1 month, and here are her results (and they are simply amazing...). She started taking 5 drops 3 times per day to begin with, as she was timid. The very first night she slept better. Within 3 days she increased the dosage to 10 drops 3 times per day. Within days the chest discomfort disappeared completely, and she was able to sleep flat on the bed. Her husband said she was sleeping peacefully. Santos misses the discomfort, as it is different to live life without discomfort. Santos is very happy and is able to travel without it being so tiring. Santos is thankful the discomfort is gone. It is different. Within 30 days her swelling in the feet is completely gone and she can wear her shoes again. She recently had some testing done at her doctors and she is ecstatic to report that her cholesterol levels are normal, her liver function is normal, and she is no longer anemic. Wow! Santos has been on kidney dialysis for 3 months. She is looking forward to kidney function tests to see how Heart and body Extract has impacted her kidney function for the better. I am encouraging her to get that done ASAP and I will let you know the results. Thank you for helping my friend and mother and others.


Joe Zamora
Conception TX


My name is Alex Zeumer. I am 75 years old and live in California. I had my 1st coronary bypass in 1977, the 2nd coronary bypass in 1985, and the 3rd coronary bypass in January 2004. After my last bypass surgery, I was able to walk around the block 3 times then it went down to two times and then just a very short distance, and I would then need to sit down. I could only do a very small incline up a hill. I went for an angiogram, and my left and right artery had closed up again. I only had the front artery opened.

I heard about Heart and Body Extract from a cardiac nurse who said she thought the Heart and Body Extract would do me some good. I trusted her opinion and ordered a bottle. Here are my results...

Within days of using Heart and Body Extract (using it 3 times a day - 15 drops under the tongue), I noticed I had more energy and slept well. Within a couple of weeks the chest tightness, around the neck, and shortness of breath was really improving. Before the end of the first bottle, I was able to walk over 2 miles and have no chest discomfort, shoulder discomfort, or shortness of breath at all. Now I can go up a hill! Heart and Body Extract has made a big difference for me. It is a big surprise. I was really down as to what to do for my health. Now I can do what I was not able to do! Thank you Heart and Body Extract! I have a quality life back! I feel like I did after my second surgery without the cost and initial discomfort and rehabilitation.

Thank you.

Alex Zeumer


My name is Theresa Spencer. I am 82 years old and live in Portland Oregon. I am starting my 3rd month on Heart and Body Extract, and I am the best I have ever been. I had extensive lab work and my numbers are wonderful. My doctor is amazed at how healthy I now am. I am feeling the best I have ever for a very long time. Here are my numbers now, re: cholesterol readings?

Low Density LDL 102
High Density HDL 81
Cholesterol/ HDL ratio 2.5
Total Cholesterol 206
Tri-glycerides 113mg

All of my levels were normal including my liver and kidney function. I used to have bleeding gums. I went to the dentist recently and my gums did not bleed at all. For years I had chronic respiratory problems. Heart and Body Extract has a protective effect on that too and my respiratory function has really improved. Thank you for a natural product that works!

Theresa Spencer
Portland, OR

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