My name is Lou Ferguson. I am 62 years old and live in San Antonio, Texas. I have ordered 4 bottles of Heart and Body Extract and want to reorder another bottle. I said to myself I would stay on Heart and Body Extract for a year. I am skeptical by nature, but there is no doubt that I am experiencing some profound changes and here they are.

I had beautiful full hair in my youth, but over the years I lost a lot of my hair. After two months of using Heart And Body I could see new hair growth around my head. My hair color is red and you could see an orange glow of peach fuzz around my head. After 4 months of consistent use on the product my hair looks nearly like it did when I was 27 years old! I kid you not - I have a beautiful head of hair again!

My blood pressure has improved - it went from 135/85 to 115/80.

I had red bumps on my face, now my skin is clear and bump free. Last but not least, I had puffy eyes - the puffy eyes are almost gone. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. I am delighted with my results!


Lou Ferguson
San Antonio, TX

My name is Van Erikson. I am 68 years old and live in Rutland, Vermont. In the spring of 2003, I started to have problems with heart arrhythmias. It felt like my heart was pounding. It was weird and wild. It made me feel breathless. I was able to work but I was not able to sleep well, as it kept me awake. At first the episodes were infrequent and then it got worse and worse to the point where I was having episodes very frequently several times per day. It was exhausting! I tried many, many different things to try and help myself. Nothing did anything - nothing made a difference. I tried some of the single ingredients in Heart and Body Extract like Garlic and Hawthorne. It did not work. Some arrhythmias are harmless and some are very dangerous.

I saw one of Sharon's ads and ordered. I noticed a difference quickly - within days. The episodes became less frequent, and by a month had completely vanished. I have not had an episode since. Bar none, this is the best product I have ever seen in my life. I will be a customer for life, as it is keeping my heart problems in perfect control. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.


Van Erikson
Rutland, VT

My name is Nancy Spencer. I am 58 years old and live in Granada Hills California. Prior to using Heart and Body Extract I had discomfort in the neck, back and shoulder. I had a car accident, years before, and thought that had a lot to do with it. It felt like a dull discomfort like a hand was gripping the area. It continued to get worse to the point were I was not concentrating properly. I started on Heart and Body Extract, and to my amazement within 2 weeks time my discomfort was completely gone. A friend of mine who is a cardiac nurse said this kind of discomfort could be an indication of clogged arteries and serious problems potentially to come. Either way I am discomfort free. Thank you, Heart and Body Extract.


Nancy Spencer
Granada Hills CA

My name is Joe Zamora and I live in Conception, TX. I am going to write about my mother's experience with Heart and Body Extract. Back in 1992, at age 53, my mother had open-heart surgery. After the bypass surgery she never felt 100%; she always felt something was wrong. The doctors said for her to go for long walks but she did not feel up to it. Everyone on her side of the family had heart disease and had all died from a heart attack. My Grandma was the healthiest on that side of the family. She died of congestive heart failure at age 90 years. Had Heart and Body been around then I am sure she would be still alive.

Around six months ago my mother was really suffering. She had severe chest discomfort in her chest radiating to her jaw and arms. She was taking 3 or more nitroglycerine per night. She would call me in the middle of the night to comfort her and take her blood pressure. Her blood pressure was high. It was 220/90. One day I saw one of Sharon's ads and ordered a 1-month supply for my mother. To be honest with you, the only hope I had for her was this product. Her only other option was surgery, and we did not want to do that again. The product arrived and my mother started to use it as directed 15 drops, 3 times per day. Within 3 days the discomfort went away and it has not come back since! Within a couple of weeks her blood pressure has gone back to normal also, and it is now 130/65, which is great for her. Her energy is much improved also! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found Heart and Body Extract. It is my sincere desire to tell as many people as I can about Heart and Body Extract. There are so many people suffering, and I want to help them get a quality life again.

Thank God there is an effective alternative herbal nutritional supplement to help heart disease victims. Heart and Body Extract is the one!

All the Best,

Joe Zamora
Conception TX

My name is Jackie House and I live in the Dallas TX area. Prior to using Heart and Body Extract I had a difficult time getting a good nights sleep. I had insomnia. Within 2 weeks of using Heart and Body Extract, I sleep well and wake up refreshed and rested. For 2 years I suffered from heart palpitations and racing, fluttery heart. Within a month, this was normalized. I have a varicose vein in my leg, which has caused me a lot of discomfort. It was swollen, unsightly and uncomfortable. Since using Heart and Body extract it is much better - about 50% improved.

Some of the other things I have noticed is my hair is growing really fast. My hair seems brighter and has a really nice red color. (I am a redhead.) My complexion is better, my memory is better and my energy is improved. I also noticed that my immune system is improved. I do not get sick as often as I used to. Heart and Body Extract is by far the best product I have ever used. I look forward to telling others in the Dallas area about the benefits of Heart and body Extract, as there are many.

Thank you Heart and Body Extract.


Jackie House
Dallas, Texas

My name is Willie Skinner. I am 55 years old and live in Florence, South Carolina. I have had uncontrolled blood pressure for years even with medication. I could not get it down past 170/95 - 160/95. After taking Heart and Body Extract for a few weeks my blood pressure is down nicely. It is now 126/80.

My father James Skinner, Sr. is 80 years old. Back in November, we were having problems with his ability to be mobile. If he was sitting in a chair, he did not have the ability to lift off of the chair on his own to get up. He would have to be assisted to get off the chair. My father is a diabetic. He goes for kidney dialysis 3 times per week and is very heavy. He was unable to go to bed by himself and had to have someone swing his legs up so he could lie down. He would need assistance to walk and to get dressed. His legs and feet were in great discomfort. I bought him a foot massager. My father had a serious problem with being incontinent. He could not get to the toilet in time and would soil himself. After using Heart and Body Extract for a few weeks, little by little he became stronger and stronger. Now my dad can lift himself out of his chair to get up. He can go to bed on his own and can walk and get dressed on his own. What a difference! He no longer has discomfort in his legs and feet! What a blessing! Since December, he has not had any problems with incontinence and can hold his urine till he reaches the toilet. That is incredible!

My mother, after seeing the improvement in Father, now also wants to take it for her high blood pressure and vertigo.

Thank you Heart and Body Extract for these incredible results in my family. Heart and Body Extract is amazing!


Willie Skinner
Florence, SC

My name is Jonny Morris. I am 71 years old. My problem was angina discomfort. It had been troubling me for 5 or 6 years. The doctors recommended that I do a by-pass surgery. I did not want to have a by-pass surgery, so I tried to do a number of things to help myself. I changed my diet to more fruit and vegetables with very little meat. I am an athlete and weigh only 155 lbs. I can bench press 260 lbs. The fact that I am only 155 lbs helps a lot.

I have been on Heart and Body Extract for 4 months. I noticed a difference in how I felt in the first 2 to 3 days. I play baseball and I noticed since using Heart and Body Extract that I am able to go, go, go, without any tiredness, shortness of breath or burning angina discomfort. A while ago I ran out of Heart and Body Extract and I noticed the tiredness and I was getting out of breath again. Once I got on the product again I feel more energized with no shortness of breath, tiredness, or warning angina discomfort. I do not have chest discomfort anymore. That is the main thing. I am stronger. I want to stay on the product forever. Something in it is working well. It helps you to be the best you can be. My body has always been in pretty good shape but before when I would exert, exert, exert, I would feel the discomfort. While on Heart and Body Extract, I feel no discomfort. I am going to the doctor in April for a full check up to back up the results I feel.

In December 2003 I ran in the Florida Senior Olympics for seniors. It is a very competitive event with the best athletes coming out to compete. I won The Florida State Championship. I attribute my success to Heart and Body Extract as I was not afraid to let go and give it my all as Heart and Body Extract was there in me to protect me. Now the best of the best from out of town is coming in to challenge me. I welcome it because they cannot beat me. Because of my success in winning the state championship people are recognizing me wherever I go. I let them know about Heart and Body Extract and plan to do some radio promotion as I have a story to tell. I will use myself as proof that Heart and Body Extract works. I can reach a niche of people based on my experience with how well I have done on Heart and Body Extract.

My wife, Gerry Morris is 58 years old. She had terrible problems with night sweats and hot flashes. They were troubling her like mad! She had a serious problem with her female hormones being out of balance. I suggested she try Healthy Hearts Club Female Balance Extract and she did. She noticed a difference within 2 weeks. Her hot flashes and night sweats are greatly improved by 80%. Gerry looks forward to her product coming and she asks, "When is my Female Balance Extract coming?... When is my product coming?". She fears of running out of Female Balance Extract, as she does not want to go back to the way she was suffering before.

Thank you Healthy Hearts Club for your wonderful products. We will order for life.


Jonny Morris
Leesburg, Florida

My name is Emilio Bansil. I live in Waukegan, Illinois. Prior to Jan 2003, I suffered terribly with severe chest discomfort. I had a very heavy chest and could only walk a few steps. I went to the doctor for help and in Jan 2003 the doctors put in 2 stents into my heart. This was to open up the arteries to increase the blood flow. In April, one of the stents closed up. They needed to do a special procedure with radiation to fix it up. In August, that same artery closed up again. They had to go back in and put in 2 more stents in 1 artery and 1 in the other artery. Even after this invasive surgery I could not walk up the stairs very far. I would only be able to walk up a few steps and then out of breath, I would have to stop. The cardio stents were 50% narrower than it should have been. The cardiologist said I was a candidate for by pass surgery.

Somehow I ran into Hank Nay's Website. He told me to call Sharon, which I did. I was skeptical that the Heart and Body Extract would work. It sounded too good to be true. I asked about the money back guarantee. Sharon said if it did not work she would refund my money - I ordered. On Sept 2, 2003 I received my order. On Sept 3 I started to use the formula. That very night at around 2:30 - 3:00 A.M. my chest felt loose, not so tight as it was before. On Sept 4 I was walking and using the stairs. I could go up a 10-step stairwell and I did not have to stop! I normally would have to stop at step 5. I am an elevator mechanic and being mobile is extremely important to my livelihood! Since then I have not had any more discomfort, and it is 6 months after I started. I am excited about this product! I showed my cardiologist at the VA hospital my Heart and Body Extract. He looked at the ingredients and said, "good, good, good, good, good... continue using it". He is East Indian. East Indians appreciate herbs and their healing properties.

Another cardiologist who I was seeing (I have 3 of them) died 2 weeks ago. He was only sixty years old. I showed him Heart and Body Extract and told him how great I was feeling. He did not say much. I outlived my cardiologist! Amazing! I do not want to make humor of a sad situation. Not enough people listen. They can think whatever they want. A lot of people think $60.00 including shipping is a lot of money. I would have paid $500.00 per bottle, as my discomfort was horrible.

I got a second opinion from another well known cardiologist in the area and he said If you do not have chest discomfort you do not need by-pass surgery. Last month I did another stress test. My heart rate was raised very high and I was very tired. The technician that did the EKG said, "Mr. Bansil, compared to the other 3 stress tests this one is very clean. Keep doing what you are doing.".

I take Heart and Body Extract religiously, 15 drops 3 times per day under the tongue. I take it wherever I go and tell me people this is what takes away my chest discomfort. I am a customer for life.

I would like to share with you what happened within my family. My wife was having a very bad headache. She was crying and even a touch was too much for her to bear.

So I started her on 15 drops of Heart and Body Extract. Believe it or not her headache disappeared and she slept like a log. In the morning, I gave her 15 more drops and she worked on our backyard all afternoon and told me there was no headache - none whatsoever. She even thanked me for insisting to take Heart and Body Extract.

Thank you for taking time to read this testimonial, and God Bless US All

Sincerely Yours,

Emilio Bansil
Waukegan, Illinois

My name is Horace Coon and I am 50 years old. I am a truck driver from Jacksonville, Florida. In 1996 I had a heart attack and my cholesterol was high. They did an angioplasty on me. I was gaining weight. I felt sluggish. I was short of breath, and had chest discomfort. The doctors said eventually I would need to have a by-pass surgery.

One day as I was driving through South Carolina, I heard an ad on the radio and ordered Heart and Body Extract. I started taking the formula and within 1 to 2 weeks I was feeling like my heart was cleaning itself. I told my doctor this and he said, "continue taking it, it is working for you". After 1 month on Heart and Body Extract my doctor said to discontinue taking Lipitor, as my cholesterol levels were nicely down.

I have been doing good. God has been good to me. I thank God that Heart and Body Extract is available as an alternative for heart patients. It is just a blessing, just a miracle. I have more energy, no discomfort. My blood pressure is normal. I am thrilled about my results. This formula is natural and is what it needs to heal itself. I talked to my pastor and he suggested I invest myself in Heart and Body Extract. I am looking forward to traveling around the country sharing the good news on how a natural formula can assist the body to alleviate heart disease. Also I am feeling so well I want to start on a regular exercise program of bicycle riding and walking at the truck stops. I will also make an effort to travel with fresh fruits and vegetables in my truck so I will eat less of the truck stop food. One of my goals is to lose more weight. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. I have a quality life now.


Horace Coon
Jacksonville, FL

My name is Don Magnusson. I am 57 years old and live in Loveland, CO. I had a 6 by pass on Jan 28, 2003. After the surgery I was very tired, lethargic, very weak and was healing very slowly. For months and months I felt nauseous, dizzy, and had headaches. I am a carpenter by trade and did not have the stamina or endurance to put in many hours at work. This was seriously affecting my income. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me and said I should have felt 'get up and go' 6 months after surgery.

I have been on Heart and Body Extract for 2 1/2 months and here are my results...

Within 6 days on the product my nausea, dizziness and headaches were gone. Over the last couple of months I have slowly but surely regained my stamina. I can function now and I can work a full day of work. I am still tired, but understand I went through major surgery and will take time to rebound. Sharon says Heart and Body Extract will help speed up healing, so that is reassuring. I am impressed with Heart and Body Extract. I told a neighbor in my building about the formula who is in his eighties. He was suffering from angina, had low energy and had acid reflux. I gave him a bottle to try. A week or so after trying it he ran up to me hugged me and thanked me because his angina was gone! His acid reflux is gone too! Also He has energy like a much younger man and is literally running around doing his thing! Wow! Thank You Heart and Body Extract.


Don Magnusson
Loveland, CO

My name is Andy Hooks. I am 52 years old and live in Soperton, GA. I had been suffering from high blood pressure for years. My blood pressure was elevated to 174 over 119. I was on 2 medications for blood pressure and it was still high. My high blood pressure was considered severe and I was worried. Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to serious problems. I also suffered from arthritic like discomfort in the back of my neck and shoulder. I believe in started from an accident I had a while back; I was on drugs to help relieve the discomfort. I also had problems with acid reflex.

I was skeptical that Heart and Body Extract would work, but they had a money back guarantee so I thought I might as well try. For the first 2 weeks nothing seemed to be happening and I thought I wasted my money. By 2 1/2 weeks things were changing... My blood pressure went down to 160/110... Then it went down to 150/106... Then down to 140/90, and finally now it is 120/82 - which is normal. I have reduced down to one blood pressure pill and hope to get off that one soon also. The arthritic like discomfort in my shoulder and neck is completely gone and I am off the painkillers. Last but not least, my acid reflux is gone.

I have tried many nutritional supplements and nothing has helped me as much as this product Heart and Body Extract. It has really helped me and I find it amazing that it works so well. After just 2 1/2 weeks I feel like a completely different person. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. Please send me another bottle so I can continue with these wonderful results.


Andy Hooks
Soperton, GA

My name is Earl Coles. I am 40 years old and live in Long Beach, CA. I have suffered from high blood pressure for 9 months. It has been running at 150/104. I suffered from headaches, pressure on my head, dizziness, irritability and stress. I would try to breathe deep breaths to relax which was a little helpful. I had a problem with feeling comfortable in crowded places. I would feel anxious and want to get away from the crowds - ASAP. I would ask my wife to hurry shopping as I was really uneasy and could not wait to get out. I have had a problem with crowded places for 20 years.

I started Heart and Body Extract 3 days ago and already have results, which is unbelievable! I felt a difference in the first 30 minutes I took the formula. I was really surprised it was working so quickly. I felt calmer, more relaxed. Within days the headaches have disappeared, the pressure on my head is gone, the dizziness is gone, and I am no longer irritable and moody. People are noticing a difference in me. Yesterday I went to Ontario Mills Mall, which is a huge mall with thousands of people milling around it. I noticed it was really crowded but it did not bother me. I was enjoying myself. I was walking, shopping and having a good time. I was with my wife and as usual she hurried so I could get out of there quick. I told my wife she had hurried for nothing because I was calm, relaxed and happy. I also notice I am happy driving and more calm. Traffic tie-ups and accidents do not disturb me like they used to. I will take my blood pressure in a week or so and see how that is. I am sure it is down nicely. Thank You Heart and Body Extract. I am very amazed at how well this product works and am now reaching out to others to help them too.


Earl Coles

My name is Linda Peads. I am 53 years old and reside in Long Beach, CA. I have been on Heart and Body Extract for 30 days and here are my results. I need to reorder to continue this formula, as it works. I want to continue my body's healing.

I am an insulin dependent, type 1, juvenile onset diabetic. I was diagnosed at 9 years old. The doctors also diagnosed me as having psoriasis. My legs were scabby, red, sore, and bumpy looking. Little by little, slowly things have improved. Within the first 30 days my legs are smoothing, the redness is going away, the sores are disappearing.

I also was diagnosed as having neuropathy and I was not able to feel my feet. Within a week I could feel my toes after starting Heart and Body Extract.

I had deep cracks in my feet. They were very deep and they hurt. I could not walk without a cane. Now my deep cracks are gone, the discomfort is gone, and I do not need a cane any more. I do clean-up work and can get around a lot better now. I tried many things and nothing worked. Heart and Body Extract worked for me.

Last but not least, I noticed I was losing my hair. My hairbrush was full of hair, and I was losing it at an alarming rate. It is amazing - my hair is growing again, and I stopped losing it so fast.

I am thrilled at the results I am getting. I am amazed this product works so well. I am starting to share this with my sisters so they can get results with their health too. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.


Linda Peads
Long Beach, CA

My name is Bob Wyatt. I am 62 years old and live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am amazed at how well Heart and Body Extract works; and how quickly it works. Enclosed is my testimonial.

Before using Heart and Body Extract I was not sleeping well. I have had a heart attack before and felt numbness on my left side. The doctors confirmed the heart attack by the elevated enzymes. The doctors were talking about drastic procedures, which I wanted to avoid (ie angiograms, angioplasties and the dreaded bypass surgery...). I did not want to be like a guinea pig.

Lately I was experiencing sharp discomfort in my chest, pain in my neck, discomfort in my arms. My feet and hands were cold and in discomfort. My circulation was not good. At times when I tried to take a deep breath, I could only get a shallow breath; not a deep breath. In desperation and with nothing to lose, I ordered Heart and Body Extract. I asked Sharon to hurry because I did not know if I would make it. I thought I could have another heart attack at any time. I was anxious and afraid. Thankfully the product arrived in a few days. Here are my results, and they are amazing... I am calm, relaxed and confident. I know that I will stay alive. Within minutes of taking the product my feet no longer ached and I felt like they were resting on a sponge. Within 3 to 4 days I was sleeping better. Within days I was out splitting wood. The discomfort in the heart, arm, and neck were gone within days. My feet and hands within days were warm and the circulation was normalized within days. Now I can take a deep breath and feel like the air is going deep into my lungs. My sinuses are draining, and I am blowing my nose more. I am coughing out more mucous. Evidently my body is detoxifying. I could not possibly have gotten anything from the doctor that would help me without negative side effects.

I believe in this product and I know it works. It is amazing. Heart and Body Extract is like finding gold - better than finding gold. I would order a truckload of it if I had the money. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. You saved my life. I am going to tell as many people as will listen to help them too. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.

Bob Wyatt
Hot Springs, Arkansas

My name is Leroy Copeland. I am 55 years old and live in Lynchburg, Virginia. For years I suffered from awful angina discomfort and had to use nitroglycerine on a regular basis. I weighed 450 lbs and I phlebitis so bad I had bleeding ulcers, which required daily whirlpool baths and antibiotics to remove the loose skin with tweezers. My legs were dry, ugly, ulcerated, bleeding and painful. My legs were white, pale, and swollen with fluid. It was very difficult to walk. My energy and vitality was affected.

My brother Al Copeland told me about Heart and Body Extract and I decided to give it a try. I double up on the dosage 30 drops 3 times per day as I am a big man. I am extremely happy I did, as it is a tremendous product. It revolutionized my life. It really is a lifesaver. People notice the difference in me; I can walk a lot easier. I am very thankful for the formula and the herbalist as it is saving peoples lives and their quality, vitality of life. Heart and Body Extract has really energized me. I am amazed at my feet they are now pink. Gone are the bleeding ulcers and the whirlpool baths. My legs are completely healed up, and normal.

I lost 80 lbs and I want to lose another 70 lbs next. I am eating more fruits and vegetables. Heart and Body Extract has rejuvenated me, and I am very excited about it. I have a lot of energy now. I am 100% better.

Within days my angina has disappeared and I no longer need to take Nitroglycerine.

I thank God all my suffering is over. Everything is in the plants that we need to help the body fix itself up. This product is a blessing to all that try it. I am so grateful I have had the opportunity. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.

Reverend Leroy Copeland
Lynchburg, VA

My name is Gary Crouch. I am 57 years old and live in Burleson, TX. I was recommended to Heart and Body Extract through a minister by the name of Jeannie Moore. Jeannie has a history of clogged arteries and had stent surgery. She was still having a lot of angina and decided to give Heart and Body Extract a try. She was amazed that shortly after using the product the angina disappeared - never to come back. That convinced me to try it.

I have had problems with heart palpitations and irregular heart beat for years. I have used the product for a total of 2 weeks. Within 3 days the palpitations and irregular heartbeat were normalized and I have not had another episode since. It is amazing it only took 3 days to get results. I am starting to tell people about this product, as it is one of the few out there that really delivers. All the best with your marketing efforts and wherever possible I will provide Healthy Hearts club with marketing tips as I have 39 years experience in sales and marketing. God Bless you!


Gary Crouch

My name is Michelle Hayden. I am 40 years old and live in Detroit Michigan. I had a severe stroke at age 34. I was paralyzed on my right side and had very limited function left on my right arm or right leg. I also was not able to talk. The doctors said to me I would not ever be able to walk or talk again, ever.

Then the first miracle happened. My daughter saw a small 1-inch add in a magazine regarding Heart Disease breakthrough and called Sharon Harris to see if this product was safe for a stroke victim. Sharon said yes it is safe and will help prevent future problems (as, if a person has a stroke once, they could have a stroke again...). She also said it is possible that the body could start to heal and repair itself. We decided to give a try.

I have been on Heart and Body Extract for less than 30 days and need to reorder as I am almost running out. Here are my results...

I was able to call Sharon myself and tell her in my own words what Heart and Body Extract did for me. Remember... the doctors said I would never be able to talk. This is the second miracle. Although my speech is not perfect, it is perfectly understandable and sounds normal. There is no slurring, confusion of words, or forgetfulness. The speech is flowing like anyone else does. Wow! That is amazing! What a gift from God!

The third miracle is that I can move my right arm, and I can move my right leg. The mobility is improving on a daily basis and I can feel myself healing rapidly. I can raise my arm above my head and I can walk. I repeat I can walk. Remember they said I would never walk or talk... Well I can. Thank you Heart and Body Extract. Thank you God for your herbs you left us on the Earth for our healing. I am recommending this formula to everyone.

Of all the medications the doctors prescribed nothing has come close to the effectiveness of Heart and Body Extract. Heart and Body Extract is natural - made out of plants. Plants are the foundation of the materials that the body needs to heal itself. I believed it would work by the grace and will of God, as He wants his children to be healthy, happy and prosperous. It is in Gods word! "...By my stripes you're healed...". Well I am on my way! I thank God. It is wonderful what is happening to me. I had no idea it would work this well. It is a miracle. I can walk up and down the stairs! Unbelievable. I am full of incredible joy and gratefulness for what is happening to me. Even within the first few days I felt like it was working and I was getting stronger. Also as a bonus I have not got a cold while on Heart and Body Extract. Wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot say enough good about this product, it is incredible!


Michelle Hayden

My name is Barbara Ann Evans. I am 60 years old and live in Los Angeles, CA. Here is my testimonial. As a teenager I had a hard time walking up the stairs, as I had shortness of breath. In my 20's I had shortness of breath, chest discomfort, and irregular heartbeat. My left hand side of my body felt weak. I had a weak arm and weak leg. I had difficulty walking due to the numbness and weakness. In my 30's, I went on herbs and was better although not in great shape. There was some improvement but it wasn't complete. When I was 59 years old, I got a sharp knife like discomfort in the heart. Fortunately, around that time I saw Sharon's ad and she called me. I thought it was divine intervention and ordered Heart and Body Extract. Within 11 days of using Heart and Body Extract, I never had a sharp discomfort in my heart ever again. Now I can literally run up a hill or up the stairs. I am extremely active due to the nature of my work.

Heart Disease is all around us and is killing us at an alarming rate. God gave us the plants that grow in the ground to heal us. Plants are essential to keep us strong and in good health. Heart Disease and its crippling effects can be avoided. It is a God given right as His children to have the healing benefits of herbs to assist the body to fix itself up. Heart and Body Extract saved my life and it can help you, too. I have searched for over 30 years to find something that would help me. Heart and Body Extract is by far the best, most effective, most powerful, and yet safe formula available. It is far superior to anything else out there in the market. I know - I searched for answers for 30 years.

I cannot say enough about Heart and Body Extract. It has given me back a quality life. I take the brochures with me wherever I go. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.

All the Best,

Barbara Ann Evans

My name is Richard Doucette. I am 56 years old and live in Zeeland, MI. At age 54 years I started to have problems. I had severe chest discomfort and could hardly even walk from the car to the curb. I had numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I went to the doctor to get checked out and I was diagnosed with having 5 major coronary arteries being blocked. The doctor recommended I have a quadruple by-pass surgery. He urged me to make an appointment within a week (the pressure they put on you is unbelievable), otherwise, I would die. To say the least I was shocked and afraid. I wanted an alternative treatment for my heart disease. I decided to try Heart and Body Extract and 2 years later I am happy to report I am alive and getting stronger day by day. I am able to walk a good 20-minute walk with 3 hills to go up, whereas, before I could do hardly anything. I am working out now with pushups and sit-ups. My shortness of breath is gone and I have no angina discomfort provided I use it 3 times a day as directed. The more I read the more I get skeptical about taking drugs and surgery. I do not leave home without my Heart and Body Extract. It is so portable and easy to take with you. Thank you Heart and Body Extract for allowing myself and the people to have a viable alternative for heart disease. I am grateful. Thank you very much.


Richard Doucette
Zeeland, MI

I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about the results I got from using Heart and Body Extract. I am more excited about this, than grits and I am very, very excited about grits. I started using the formula last Saturday, September 6, 2003 and 3 1/2 days later it is already working. It's unbelievable. It's a shock; that stuff works and it works extremely quickly. I have used herbs and nutritional substances before and nothing even came close to the type of results that Heart and Body Extract provided. If you get the results you can talk to the people more. As a minister I am very aware of the high standards my position puts me in. People respect and trust me and I, must treasure and protect that to be congruent with God's will. If a product works on you, man that is something! As I look at my ankle right now I can't believe it! My swelling is completely gone, so quickly? Wow! I desire sharing Heart and Body Extract as a second ministry. I will look into TV and radio so we can get this word out to as many people as possible. I am shocked. I have never seen anything like this ever. Heart and Body Works and it works fast!

Thank you,

Reverend Carlton R. Woltmann
Bakersfield, CA

My name is Dee Burnett. I am 50 years old and I reside in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to using Heart and Body Extract, I had excruciating discomfort in the neck. The discomfort radiated down my arm. I was short of breath and had a lack of energy. My arm was also going numb and tingling. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack or stroke at any time. My daughter commented I did not look well - it was no wonder as I was in so much discomfort. The doctor diagnosed me as having a pinched nerve and prescribed for me a medication for dementia called Thiothixene. This drug is beneficial for mood swings, mental illness and the like. I looked at the side effects in my medical journal and the risks were serious toxic effects on the brain, liver damage, and abnormal blood clots. I refused to take this medication. I am so grateful that I am not using drugs. Thank God that in the midst of my discomfort, The Lord led me to you.

The results I have got from Heart and Body Extract are unbelievable. Prior to using Heart and Body Extract I could get hardly any sleep at night due to my neck discomfort. I felt like I was falling apart - going to pieces. I could not sleep, I could not work, my bills were piling up I would get up from bed at night and walk around. I was exhausted, burned out, tired. The first day I used Heart and Body Extract I slept like a baby all night through. I really appreciated that I got some much-needed rest. Prior to using Heart and Body Extract I could not move my neck. I could not drive a car because I could not safely drive due to the immobility of my neck. Within a week of using Heart and Body Extract I could move my neck without any discomfort at all. My radiating arm discomfort is completely gone, I have no more shortness of breath, my energy is back to normal and I can work normal hours to put food on the table for my family. The numbness and tingling is completely gone. My daughter says I look a lot better. This is truly a miracle and I am so excited about it.

I have joined Healthy Hearts Club and my intent is to tell as many people as possible about this wonderful product. Heart and Body Extract addresses the cause of what is out of balance in the body and fixes it up quickly. Drugs only mask the symptoms and do not get to the cause of the problem. Drugs also have an array of nasty negative side effects, which worsen people's problems. In the Bible it says, "...My People perish due to their lack of knowledge...". People are so misinformed, so sick and go to an early grave. Drugs are not the answer. To me the way is to use The Lord's herbs. He has provided us everything we need to assist the body to heal itself. Heart and Body is a wonder - a gift from God. It has the ability to identify where in the body there is a problem and it will then work on assisting the body to fix itself up quickly. It's amazing! As different and diverse as people's problems are, this formula will zero in on the individual ailments of the person. Thus it has an extremely wide range of effectiveness. What value for the consumer! Thank you so much, Heart and Body Extract. I appreciate this formula so much. It saved my life! I have a lot to live for, as I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children who love and need me.


Dee Burnett
Philadelphia, PA

Heart and Body Extract is doing wonders for me. Before taking Heart and Body Extract my blood pressure was 205/123. That is very dangerously high blood pressure. The doctor started me on medication, however I am not the type of individual who likes to take medication, so I discontinued taking it. I wanted a natural alternative. The first day I used the product I took a whole dropper full 3 times a day. I could feel it working throughout my whole system and my blood pressure went down that very day. Then I looked at the instructions, realized I was taking way more than was directed and decreased the dosage to 15 drops 3 times per day. My blood pressure went up, so I increased the dosage to one half dropper 3X per day. The blood pressure went down. For quite some time my blood pressure has been running at 130/90 (borderline normal) with no medications at all - only Heart and Body Extract. My perfect dosage is 30 drops 3 times per day. That maintains my blood pressure nicely at 130/90.

Before using Heart and Body Extract, I had a hard time sleeping well, and I would wake up tired. The doctor said I had high cholesterol and put me on Zocar. I was aware this drug caused liver damage, so I discontinued it. I was feeling tired, lethargic, low energy and had chest discomfort. Since taking Heart and Body Extract I have a lot more energy and vitality. The chest discomfort is completely gone. I can work more hours and not be so exhausted. I have also noticed that my mental confusion is disappearing. Evidentially it is unclogging the arteries in my brain also.

The product was very good for leg swelling. Before my leg was swollen in my leg up to my thigh. Heart and Body Extract balanced that out and swelling is completely gone. I used to have a real serious problem with that; I am taking nothing else. It is Heart and Body Extract that is helping me.

A while ago I had severe discomfort in my leg and feet. My leg was really inflamed; red, discolored I could hardly sleep due to the discomfort. In the morning I could hardly get up out of bed. My feet were really bad in the morning and I could hardly walk. I used to have to apply hot presses at night to get some relief. At this time I took extra droppersful of Heart and Body Extract. The cramping and the swelling are now completely gone. The discomfort is completely gone.

Last but not least, before Heart and Body Extract the top of my head was on fire. The diagnosis of this condition is called Psoriasis It was red and I had sores and lumps on my scalp. The beauticians refused to do my hair because of the scalp being in such poor shape. After being on Heart and Body for a few weeks this skin condition is much improved.

At the present time I am telling as many people as I can about Heart and Body Extract. It is truly remarkable. It is God's medicine plants which grow out of the ground.

Sincerely and with much gratefulness and thankfulness,

Gwendolyn Roberts
Port St. Lucie, Florida

My name is Lee Johnson. I am 63 years old and come from Ballwin, Missouri. I have partial kidney failure and as a result of that the heart is enlarged and the efficiency of the heart is affected. I only have one kidney left as I lost the first in 1997 due to cancer. Because of this I would tire very easily and I would require more sleep. When I laid down it felt like I had 15 pounds of pressure on my chest and so naturally I could not sleep well. In addition to this I had high blood pressure and heart palpitations. I could hear and feel my heart pumping very hard in my chest. So I knew I needed help but I did not know how to get it.

A friend of mine introduced me to Heart and Body Extract. At first I did not have any confidence in it. I had tried another heart drops and I did not get the relief I was looking for. I was skeptical and did not think it would work but I tried it anyway. So when I tried Heart and Body Extract and 3 days later went up the stairs and noticed a difference, I was surprised. Usually it would take a minute or so for me to recover, as I would be short of breath and need to sit for a spell to recover my strength. My blood pressure was very high. It was 190/120 even with blood pressure medicine. I was on 3 kinds of medication. After just 1 week of being on Heart and Body Extract my blood pressure went down to 140/70. Two days later I tried it again and it went down to 130/60. It has been like that ever since. I have been on Heart and Body Extract a total of 2 weeks. My heart palpitations have completely disappeared.

In addition, I am asthmatic and I had a lot of mucous in my lungs, which I was not able to get out. Now I am coughing out the mucous, which means my voice is stronger and clearer. I have more vitality and energy. I like to public speak and find now I have a lot more strength and power in my voice. Last but not least I feel like I am thinking clearer and my memory is improving. Evidently it is working on unclogging my brain.

These are my results on Heart and Body Extract. I have only been on the product for 2 weeks and I am impressed. This was a pleasant surprise. It is an excellent product. The bottom line is it works. I feel a lot better and I am sleeping very well. I notice a big difference. The duct tape is off my mouth and now I am telling people about the benefits of Heart and Body Extract. People are listening and they are ordering. They too, are now beginning to get their own results.

Thank you,

Lee Johnson
Ballwin, Missouri

I had quintuple bypass surgery in 1998 when I was 75. After surgery my cardiologist placed me on Pravachol to lower my chlorestol, Plavix to thin my blood and Norvasc to stop the angina discomfort. Money spent for drugs was over $300 per month. No insurance... OUCH!

Thirty months later I again had angina discomfort and other symptons of cardiovascular disease. Visited my cardioligist, had an angiogram and, sure enough, plaque had built back up. I had heard that 80% of bypass patients had problems reoccur in 18 months or longer. Now I was one of them. My doctor recommended another angioplasty... I may be dumb but I am not crazy. When a person continues to follow a treatment that doesn't work, that's crazy. So I told my doctor, "thanks, but no thanks..." because I had found an herbal product which would help my cholesterol, blood thinning and angina, not just treat it. I began taking Heart & Body Extract and quickly noticed a diminishing of all of my cardiovascular disease symptons. One product to take three times a day instead of multiple pills. Now I know that since it took 75 years for the blockage to become critical, a period of time would be required to scour away the existing blockage and unclog all the affected areas; perhaps as much as a year. The good news is this herbal product only costs me $50 per month. Even better news is that I can market Heart & Body Extract and earn much more than $50 per month. WOW!

Hank Nay Jr.

My name is Clyde Perkins, age 59 years, and I reside in Florence, SC. The doctors diagnosed me as having clogged arteries. It felt like I was carrying heavy concrete blocks around my feet and legs. My legs and feet felt heavy - like weights were attached. I felt numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. I am a diabetic and the doctor recommended I go in for a pacemaker and also have a triple by-pass. I was feeling very tired and worn out. I am African Black American and my normal brown color was becoming blackened on my face. I looked and felt very ill. When I came home from work I would sit and watch TV and then go to bed. I was so lethargic and had so little energy, everything was a great effort. I suffered from angina and shortness of breath. My attitude was saddened and I was concerned I would not make it. I wanted to live but something inside me said, "Do not get open-heart surgery, do not get an Angiogram". I had seen of and heard of too many people who were worse off after invasive procedures. One day I saw Sharon's ad. Today I would say this was the first miracle - seeing that 1-inch add. I decided to try it. Heavens, what did I have to lose? I am very happy and grateful that I did. This is what Heart and Body Extract did for me. I am beyond words in saying how excited I am about this product. First I feel like I am going to live. For someone who was getting weaker and weaker every single day this is a bold and powerful statement. Within 3 days my angina and numbness and tingling improved. Within a week the weight came off my feet and legs and I can walk normally. Within a week my blood pressure dropped 50 points. I am so excited about this product. It is hard to comprehend. It is a miracle! My complexion is improved. I am getting my normal healthy color back. My energy is greatly improved. I am once again as active as I was before my health went down hill. The angina is gone. The shortness of breath is greatly improved! My attitude is changed. I am more positive, more happy because I feel great - like a young man again. I have my own radio show and am overjoyed that I can start to get the word out in South Carolina and beyond about what this wonderful product can do for mankind. It is unbelievable that I have come so far. I started taking Heart and Body Extract as directed August 22, 2003. It is less than 3 weeks and I am like a young man again. It is unbelievable that a herbal formula can work so fast and so powerfully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait to help as many people as who will listen as to what can happen for them too.


Clyde Perkins
Florence, SC

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