I am currently a distributor for Healthy Hearts Club. This is what the product did for a friend of mine. My friend Bill is 67 years old and he complained of having to urinate 4-5 times at night. He was spraying blood and it was hurting him, as it was burning. He had not had an erection for 2 years so his sex life was non-existant. His feet were uncomfortable and were cold and tingling. His arms and shoulders were also numb and tingling. He suffered from vertigo and acid reflux. He saw how the product worked for me and was anxious to give the product a try. He bought a one-month supply and all of the above problems were gone. He was even able to make love to his wife again. Wow, just one month and he was back! Amazing!

Don Bushong
Conway, Arkansas

My name is Betty, and I am writing on behalf of my husband, Anthony. Anthony is 78 years old and we live in Pinellas Park FL. For over 12 years my husband was suffering from clogging of the arteries. He had problems with angina and could hardly walk any distance at all because his chest felt heavy, and he had discomfort. The chest discomfort prevented him from doing very much; he had to rest frequently. In an effort to help him we went to the doctor and the doctor wanted an angiogram done to be able to see how much blockage there was. He also suggested a stent be put in to keep the arteries open. I agreed to the angiogram but did not want Anthony to have a stent put in.

By some divine intervention my pastor Duane Arnold told me about Heart and Body Extract. As a further blessing my husband had a back problem and the angiogram appointment needed to be cancelled. Instead Anthony started on Heart and Body Extract. We are thrilled about the results on Heart and Body Extract. Within 2 weeks the heaviness in his chest improved. Anthony no longer has chest discomfort and can keep up with all of us on walks. Anthony has suffered from psoriasis for 25 years. Within 3 weeks of using Heart and Body Extract his psoriasis was completely gone. People around us are noticing the profound difference in Anthony and now they too want to try Heart and Body Extract. Please rush me a case of 12. I want to be able to supply my friends and family by Thanksgiving. Thank you so much, Heart and Body Extract . You are a blessing.


Betty De Gregorio
Pinellas Park, FL


My name is Arnie Fiergang. I am 56 years old and live in Blakeslee, PA. I had my first heart bypass surgery at 36 years old and my second bypass surgery at 46 years old. Now at 56 years old I was really going downhill quickly. I tried numerous things to help myself. I tried intravenous chelation that did help somewhat. I considered an experiment with stem cell technology but declined when I knew that it would require a catheterization. (Eight years ago I had a stroke during a failed angioplasty, which included a catheterization and was afraid to tempt fate again.) I tried a procedure called ECCP, which is supposed to help create collateral arteries (ie. - alternative blood vessels for increasing circulation in the body). They strapped inflatable cuffs on my lower legs, thighs and buttocks, which, by computer and heart monitor, would inflate instantly every time my heart would beat, forcing blood, back toward my heart when it rested. To take this procedure I would drive one hour each way, five days each week, for seven weeks, in the dead of winter. This seriously interfered with my work schedule and caused me to do paperwork late into every night. Then there was the high cost, which my health insurance company would not pay. All this, along with an unusually harsh winter, prevented me from getting the exercise that was needed to help make this procedure work.

I have a whole drawer of 20 or so types of vitamins and minerals including Coenzyme Q-10, coral calcium, the A's, B's, C's, D's, E's, etc. I think these helped me stay alive, as I was profoundly sick. I was taking 3 to 4 nitroglycerine a day and had angina every single day intermittently without a break. After I walked up the stairs I would immediately feel pressure and have to rest. I could not even walk 2 minutes before I would get leg cramps and have to sit down. After sitting in the car for 15 minutes my legs would be cramped. My energy level was extremely low, and I was in a 'survival' mode not a 'living' mode. If you have your health you have a lot. One can always make money if you have your health. Because I lost my health I lost out financially and career wise, too. I was on a very poor road with my health and was suffering.

One day I saw Sharon's ad and decided to give Heart and Body Extract a try. I ordered a 2 month supply. Even though a lot of things happened to me negatively (ie. - the surgeries, the stroke, the angina, the discomfort, the weakness etc... I still had an open mind to try something else new to try and help myself. I am very happy I did. Within 4-5 days of taking the product my angina subsided. I no longer take Nitroglycerine (before I had to take 3-4 a day). Heart and Body Extract is doing the most for me and I am grateful and appreciative of it. My energy has increased without a doubt. I feel a lot better. Now when I go upstairs the pressure I used to feel has improved by 80%. I can walk a lot further and can sit in my car without cramping up. I believe Heart and Body Extract worked so dramatically because I was so sick. I have an improved attitude and outlook on life now that I feel much better.

I have just joined the Healthy Hearts Club and wish to make a career out of helping people like myself get their health back. It is my sincere wish that I can help as many people as possible with this product. I will strive to create a marketing plan so I can find this financially feasible while helping others regain their health like I did. I can be passionate about it because I am a living testimonial - Heart and Body is effective. Thank you very much.

Arnie Fiergang
Blakeslee PA

My name is Jacqueline Marshick. I live in Ocala Florida and am 57 years old. My doctor diagnosed me has having 3rd stage Lime Disease. Along with the other devastating effects of lime disease in the later stage you get heart disease problems. Last December I had TIA mini stroke. I felt discomfort across my head. I could not feel or think for a few seconds. It felt very weird, I felt like I did not exist. Fortunately this did not leave serious damage.

My diagnosis from the doctor is high blood pressure, mitrovalve prolapse, enlarged heart, heart murmer, rapid heartbeat, and blockages. I have used a 2-month supply of Heart and Body Extract and this is what I have to report so far.

My blockages are improving. My chest discomfort is better. After 2 months it is much more normal. Regarding my heart murmur... it was rated before at a 3 level. Now it is at a 1 level. The doctor can now hardly hear the heart murmur. It has improved dramatically. Before I had full-blown mitrovave prolapse - now I only have mild traces. My rapid heartbeat has become more normal. My heart rate is now in the high 80's, which is a significant improvement. My blood pressure is improved, and my doctor reduced the dosage on my medication. I can breathe easier now and the heart palpitations are a lot less frequent. I noticed right away Heart and Body Extract was helping and I do not get out of breath like I did before. I am looking forward to continued healing and anticipate receiving my second order soon.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Marshick
Ocala, Florida


In my 30's I developed some signs of cardiovascular disease. The doctor diagnosed me as having enlarged heart and heart murmur. He did not recommend any specific treatment at that time. By my mid 30's I had heart palpitations and heart arrhythmias. At times it was so bad I could be standing in the kitchen and suddenly without warning I would keel over. Fortunately I caught myself before falling to the ground. One time I did black out while sitting beside my husband in an airplane. He was very concerned why my head was on his lap. I was unconscious for several minutes but was OK.

At age 45 going on age 46 I developed high blood pressure, or as the doctors call it, essential hypertension. It was very scary for me and I desperately tried a number of alternative remedies to try and help myself. I tried vitamins, minerals, almonds, celery stalks, vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid, oriental teas, increased exercise - nothing worked. I was afraid, as I knew high blood pressure leads to damage and can cause heart attack or stroke. After visiting the doctor on 3 separate occasions and after consistently getting readings of 160/110 I was put on a diuretic medication to control the blood pressure. I lasted on the pills for 2 days (I have to say the side effects are very nasty). I felt confused, I couldn't think or talk coherently, I felt lethargic, and I had to pee like a racehorse. During this time I also developed water retention. It was showing up as edema in my feet. It was so bad I could not wear my own shoes I had to wear my husband's. Gone were the days of wearing high heels. At best I could wear oversize clogs with dresses.

Fortunately, not long after I quit taking the blood pressure pills, Heart and Body Extract became available. Within days of using Heart and Body Extract the heart palpitations and arrhythmias were gone. Within two weeks of using the product, my blood pressure went down to 120/70. It has maintained like this for 2 years, give or take a few points. This is with out any medication whatsoever. Within 30 days of using the product the swelling in the feet and ankles had disappeared. I can now wear my running shoes and high heels! My husband's shoes are returned back to him, the rightful owner. I have a lot more energy now and I feel great. I find I have a really good sleep at night and wake up rested and ready to go. I no longer require afternoon naps and feel energetic throughout the day. Before using Heart and Body Extract I would be exhausted by 3:00 pm and would require a minimum 1 hour nap to refresh myself. It took six months of using Heart and Body Extract for my enlarged heart to go back to normal size.

Now my major purpose in life is to tell as many people as I can about this wonderful product Heart and Body Extract. I was on a bad road to poor health. My doctor said, "I don't want to see you dead at age 45..." (Neither did I, I wanted to live.) Try this product, it works with no negative side effects to any substance. It can only be good for you.

Sharon Harris
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


David Foege, PhD., J.D., Naples, FL
David Foege, Ph.D., J.D.
HRM English Law Society-1998
Administrative Law Judge-Clemency Board White House 1974
Practice Limited to Specialized Business Mediation, Planning and Development

July 03, 2003

Re: Heart Healthy Product

Dear Ms. Harris,

I have a history of heart attacks, open-heart surgeries, and significant heart disease. My diagnosis in part is as follows: heart arrhythmia, mitrovalve prolapse and cardiomyopathy, bundle block, posterior and anterior infarct and other major heart dysfunctions.

In January of 2003 my heart injection fraction rate was 11 on a scale from 10-65. A healthy injection fraction rate is 60. My ECG test showed my heart was grossly abnormal. My arrhythmia was so abnormal it was to the point were I had to be hospitalized in January for 18 days. The average stay for a heart attack is 4.3 days.

This episode was very expensive as I am uninsurable and the costs of about $3000 per day I pay for. The vast majority of people could not afford this. My prognosis was very poor with my congestive heart failure. An excellent female cardiologist said my morbidity likelihood was very high and I had a window of life left between 3 months and 1 year. She said I had the look of a person's heart in their upper 80's. I had deep creases in my earlobes and my cholesterol numbers were significantly elevated.

I have been on Heart and Body Extract for five months. I have also been supplementing with CO Enzyme Q 10, Vitamin B-12 and B-6, Omega 3 acids. These are important supplements for heart health. Here are my results:

My injection fraction rate is in the mid 30's (37) up from 11; an improvement of over 330%. My arrhythmia is much improved. Although I have not reached the normalcy, which I am seeking, I am on the road to recovery. This recovery was stated in my wife and my cruise from Tahiti to Los Angeles in May of 2003. I called it 'My Triumph Over Heart Disease - A Return To Life, Victory Cruise'. My mitrovalve prolapse and tricuspid prolapse has some modest improvement and I am working with Sharon on adding an additional extract to my regimen to hopefully speed the healing on that. My ear lobe creases have 80% disappeared which is a sure sign I am unclogging my arteries. Also my blood work supports this and here are the numbers.

2002 vs. June 2003
Gross cholesterol 204 down over 100 points
HDL 50 up 20 (good cholesterol) from 30
LDL 130 down 50 from 180
Trigycerides 114 down 386 from 500+

Thank you Heart and Body Extract. I now have my life back again. I am also interested in helping people and making a difference in peoples lives. With heart disease being the #1 killer in the US with over 775,000 deaths per year, it is important that as many people as possible are aware of this very effective cardiac treatment. I look forward to working with you not only to purchase the products, but also to spread the word about this product.

With best wishes, I remain

Sincerely yours,

David Foege
PhD., J.D.


David Foege, Ph.D., J.D., Naples, FL
David Foege, Ph.D., J.D.
HRM English Law Society-1998
Administrative Law Judge-Clemency Board White House 1974
Practice Limited to Specialized Business Mediation, Planning and Development
Naples, Florida 34101

4 July, 2003

Re: your healthy heart product.

Dear Ms. Harris,

I am writing you on behalf of my 97 year old mother, Frieda Foege of Louisville, Kentucky.

She has suffered from Congestive Heart Failure for the last 30 years. She had shortness of breath, no energy and inability to be mobile.

The fluid on the heart and general inactivity was not helpful to her mental acuity.

She has been taking Co-Q 10 and your product for the last 90 days. We have noted a significant increase in activity and energy level. A recent trip between Kentucky and Oregon was taken quite in stride for her last month. In the past it would have required a significant recovery period. A trip from Kentucky to Oregon is no easy feat for any 97 year old.

The symptoms of her shortness of breath is improving... It appears the product is helping her unclog her arteries throughout her whole body including her brain. I have noted a marked improvement in mental acuity. Her brain synapses are improving. She is more alert, thinking more clearly, the memory is improving, her water retention has decreased, reducing the need for diuretics.

Although this is anecdotal, I believe there is a strong relationship between improved heart function, improved energy levels, and improved mental acuity for my 97 year old mother after taking your product. It would be helpful to have a control study on the relationship between Congestive heart failure symptoms and mental acuity in those over 65.

Best wishes and good luck with the product.

David Foege
Ph.D., J.D.


My name is Joe H. I am 55 years old and live in Poteau OK I had been suffering from high blood pressure (160/90) for a good long while, around 6 months. I was having a number of associated problems. I had a hard time sleeping, nose bleeds, ringing in the ears, was gaining weight, was hard of hearing, had swelling in the feet and ankles.

I decided to give Heart and Body Extract a try to see if I could help myself. I really wanted to get a job over seas in oil field services, the only catch was I had to have normal Blood Pressure to pass the physical exam. I tried Heart and Body Extract for two weeks and it was coming down but not fast enough. I asked Sharon what to do. She asked how much do you weigh I said 250lbs. She said increase the dosage to 25 drops 3x a day. That did it my blood pressure went to 135/80 within 3 weeks I passed the physical and am hired for the position in oil field services.

I thank Heart and Body Extract for my returning to health. Other helpful hints are that I drink more water - 10 glasses a day (bottled water or filtered - not tap) and I walk 1 hour per day.

I feel like a new man. My sleeping is greatly improved, my swelling in the feet and ankles is gone, the nose bleeds are gone, the ear ringing is gone and my hearing is greatly improved.

I will be joining the Healthy Hearts Club soon and will participate on the auto ship program so I am never without my Heart and Body Extract. Sharon assures me they can ship product anywhere in the world.

Thank you, Heart and Body Extract

Joe H.
Poteau OK


Before I started taking the Heart & Body Extract my high blood pressure was causing headaches, sleepless nights and vertigo. After only one week on the extract I was sleeping through the night and wasn't waking up with a headache and vertigo. By the 2nd week, I noticed that the discomfort from Fibromyalgia was becoming less noticeable + I can think more clearly again. My blood pressure is gradually going down and I now spend quality time doing my computer work without having to take frequent rest periods. I'm a believer!

Gloria M.


My Type II diabetes had progressed to the point where my left foot and ankle was a dark purplish-blue and my right foot and ankle was a light bluish-purple. The neuropathy discomfort in my toes and feet had developed to the point to where I had difficulty sleeping at night, and no painkillers could dull the incessant pain. Just walking on the carpet in my bare feet was painful.

I even fantasized about how it would be easier to have my big toes cut off rather than to endure the discomfort!

After many, many months of discomfort I came to the realization that I was going to be one of those people I had been reading about who lost a foot or a limb due to diabetes related circulation problems.

Then I read about this all natural liquid extract that would help people, like me, who had clogged arteries, diabetes and heart related problems. When they told me the price I said, "you've got to be kidding...".

But they told me it was in a concentrated form and by using the liquid under my tongue it went into my system much faster and a little bit went a very long way. With no other options, besides drugs or the surgeon's knife, I realized that it definitely would be 'cost effective' and price didn't matter.

I decided to give it a try.

After just two weeks on the extract my feet started to regain their natural pink color.

After three weeks on the extract the pain in my feet started to subside.

After three weeks on the extract I was starting to sleep through the night without having to get up to sleep in my recliner.

Just wait... there's more! I had been experiencing discomfort in my left shoulder and arm. I had attributed it to old sports injuries and arthritis. The discomfort would bother me during the night also.

Evidently, the extract was busy cleaning my arteries - preventing a possible heart attack and the related problems and expenses.

I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to walk in my bare feet on the carpet!



Dear Healthy Hearts Club,

In February, 2002, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I was told I needed a heart transplant and was given two years to live. The doctor said if I would take 9 or 10 different drugs they might keep me alive for four years. An echocardiogram showed that my heart was functioning at 20% of its capacity.

I had severe edema and my skin would break open every morning and fluid would drain from my legs. I had to sleep in front of an open window to be able to breathe. I spent every night (for months) propped up on the floor, only being able to doze for short periods of time. I only got 2 or 3 hours of sleep each night.

In February, March and April my wife had to help me get dressed every morning and I could hardly get around the house.

In April I heard about Healthy Hearts Club's Heart & Body Extract, and started taking it along with some other nutritional supplements.

Today, December 1, 2002, I am off all prescriptions but one, and plan to be off of it by the end of the year. Now I walk between one to five miles per day and on a daily basis I feel stronger and stronger. My doctor told me my lungs are completely clear!

This product has been very instrumental in turning my life around. My wife has a co-worker whose brother was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure at the same I was. He was age 45 when diagnosed, and I just found out that he died two weeks ago. I carry this product with me everywhere I go. I will not leave home without it.

I am in the process of launching a new business and I know my health is being fully restored. I am so thankful for Healthy Hearts Club's Heart & Body Extract!


My name is Gary Young, I am from San Pedro, California and I am 63 years young. Before using Heart and Body Extract I had 4 separate experiences with the ambulance coming to my house. The reason was because I had severe heart palpitations and discomfort radiating in my heart area. I felt tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, got pale and felt like I was going to pass out.

After rushing me to the hospital and after extensive tests the doctors diagnosed me as having mitral valve prolapse. The doctor prescribed medication for my condition. Well, I believe in doctors but my first choice is to try alternative medicine!

My first step was to modify my diet by avoiding all highly processed foods, stimulants, sugars, and artificial chemicals, flavors, colors, MSG, preservatives, etc. I started eating frequent small meals and interval snacks. I combine complex carbohydrates with protein to avoid precipitous rises and falls of blood sugar. I made sure I got adequate hydration with plenty of pure water to maintain my blood volume to counteract low blood pressure and wooziness. Plus, I use moderate salt intake to stimulate adrenal function.

The next step I incorporated yoga and engage in regular aerobic exercise to help in symptoms of chest discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, mood swings, and panic attacks. Then I added nutritional therapy like multiple vitamins, magnesium balanced with calcium, hawthorn berries capsules, L-carnitine, Co-enzyme Q10, red clover capsules, amino acids like L-proline and L-lysine, vitamin E, C, B's, garlic capsules and many others.

All of the above helped but I still had problems. I continued my search and saw an ad in the local weekly newspaper for your organic herbals "Heart and Body Extract" and decided to try it. After about a month I realized that all my symptoms were gone, but I wasn't sure if Heart and Body Extract should get the credit for the reversal of symptoms because I was taking a couple of other new products at the same time.

Then one morning while visiting my parents for the weekend I took 15 drops of your "Heart and Body Extract" (like I do every morning) and set the bottle on the kitchen table. My dad picked up the bottle and read the label and asked me about it. I told him all about it and he asked if he could try some. I said sure and he took it three times that day.

The next morning he told me how much better he slept that night, so I told him to keep the bottle and I will get some more for myself later. I checked with him a couple weeks later and he told me he is feeling much better now and his hearing has also improved. He's very happy with the product.

Now when I got home from visiting my parents I forgot to order the "Heart and Body Extract" and several days later I noticed all my symptoms starting to come back. The tightness in the chest, the heart palpitations, the shortness of breath, the discomfort and the anxiety. At that point I realized "Heart and Body Extract" was the key to my health, because I didn't change anything else. I phoned Sharon Harris and asked her for an overnight delivery of the product. I did not wish to suffer another restless, distressing night. She did send it overnight and the symptoms began to subside that very day. What a great product!

All my life I wanted to put on extra muscle mass and tried through body building. When I did put on weight however this would cause a problem. It would pressure my heart and cause much discomfort. Since using "Heart and "Body Extract" I have gained 6 pounds of pure muscle without any heart problems or discomfort.

I feel great on "Heart and Body Extract"! I'm grateful I am drug free.!

Thank you,

Gary Young
San Pedro, California

To Mary Nelson,

I am 79 years young and had By Pass Surgery 2 years ago. I had no energy and knew I should exercise but I was just to tired. I started taking the Heart and Body Extract on about October 20th, 2001 and I just want to tell you that I am feeling much better. The blueness is receding just above my ankle and my leg is looking more normal, I have a lot more energy (as my family can attest to on our last shopping spree). I am out walking with friends in the building and have joined a fitness class.

Thank you for this new lease on life.

Calgary, AB

Hi Sharon:

In March of this year I found out that I had three arteries leading into my heart blocked, the blockage ranging from 67% to 99%. The doctors in the VA hospital where this was discovered all recommended heart surgery. I was shocked at finding this out and looked into what I had to do from all angles. It wasn't a very good picture. I decided to ponder over it for awhile to see what was best for me at the time. Then in May I discovered an advertisement for the Healthy Hearts Club as an entrepreneurial business and as an alternative to heart surgery. I decided to give the Heart and Body Extract a try.

Since this time I have consumed almost three bottles of the extract and it has reduced my heart blockage significantly. I went to see my doctor recently and found that my blood pressure has returned to normal (129/69) after having been at 148/90+ for months, even peaking at 184/126 in June of this year when I was under severe stress. Even my cholesterol level has lowered to well below 200 (155) as a result of, in part, taking the Heart and Body Extract. I also do not have the chest pressures and discomfort that I used to have six months ago. And I feel better!

Taking this extract, watching my diet, and taking blood pressure medication also gave me the opportunity to get exercise in an unusual way for my age (57), playing on a softball team for the summer. I played all summer long, and although I received a couple of injuries, I was still able to play, run the bases, play my position (first base), and be an asset to the team. Exercise is an important part of the recovery program for me, because that shows me how much I have improved as a partial result of taking the extract and being careful of what I otherwise consume.

I do thank God and the Healthy Hearts Club for healing me in this way. I plan to continue on this path and remain hopeful that I will have good health when I am much older.


Jim Hulton
Minneapolis, MN

My name is Richard Hosteltler. I am 76 years old and live in Laporte, Indiana. I started using Heart and Body Extract 5 weeks ago and am very pleased with the results. Prior to using the product I suffered shortness of breath. I would sit on the bed and wheeze. I felt like I was drowning. There was so much fluid in my lungs, I wanted to stand on my head and let the water drain out. I had congestion in the lungs due to heart problems. I used Heart and Body Extract 3 times per day as directed on the bottle. I have not had this problem for a week and I feel stronger. The water is out of my lungs! It took only 4 weeks for Heart and Body Extract to help me with this. I also had swelling of my feet and lower legs. I had to take Lasix for this problem. I have not used Lasix for a week. The swelling is gone and my feet and legs are perfectly normal. This also took four weeks for total healing with Heart and Body Extract. Incidentally, I can wiggle my toes again.

Recently I fell and broke my femur bone in my leg below the hip. The doctor had put several pins in it. I am amazed at how quickly I am healing. The Doctor is amazed at this too, and can offer no explanation as to why there is no black and blue bruising and why the incision is healing so rapidly. I believe it is because Heart and Body Extract has improved my circulation to the point that healing has greatly speeded up. Normally it takes 8 weeks to heal. I am nearly completely healed in only 5 weeks, and I am 76 years old. WOW!

I have also noticed that my prostate is working more effective now. I am urinating fully and do not have to get up several times during the night to relieve myself anymore.

Last but not least I have more 'zip' and 'zing' now! Before using Heart and Body Extract I felt lethargic, lack of energy and did not have the motivation to do anything. In fact sometimes I would miss breakfast and I love to eat. EVERY THING WAS AN EFFORT! Now I have 'get-up and go'! Now I have motivation and drive again. I wish to start telling people about what Heart and Body Extract has done for me. I am looking into post cards and radio as a start. I always wanted to live to 100 years old.

Now I believe I will. I have a new lease on life. Thank you Heart and Body Extract!

Richard Hosteltler
Laporte, IN

One night several months ago, when I visited her it was evident to me that my mother was dying. Her face was white and her mouth was trembling. She said to me, "Go to the safety deposit box and give my grandson that special jewelry that he loves. I won't be here much longer - my heart is weak." I felt panicked because I love my mother very much. I did not want her to die. So I called the doctor to ask him to come immediately to help her. The doctor said he could not come because he was going into surgery in a few minutes. He said, "Give her 3 Heart Pills at the same time, this will stimulate her heart (as her usual dosage is 1 pill)". In my hand I had Heart and Body Extract and I shook the bottle. I had just got the bottle and proceeded to unwrap the safety seal and squeezed the dropper. I did not pay attention to how much it was as I was panicked. As I squeeze it today it is approximately half a dropper full. My mother said, "Is that ever strong!" She was very low. It took about 10 to 15 minutes and her mouth was no longer trembling. Her face gradually regained its color over the evening and by morning it was normal flesh color. In the morning my mother was well enough to eat and I was able to help her walk back and forth with my assistance. I notice she sleeps well at night and gets a good rest.

Heart and Body Extract did save my mother's life and I am forever grateful to Heart and Body Extract for doing that. Thank you Heart and Body Extract.

David Young, son - Maple Ridge, BC
Jang Eng Young, mother - Vancouver, BC

My friend from Canada told me about your products and talked me into trying them. Now, I can't believe my heart problems are under control, with so simple a process as taking your Heart And Body Extract!

Bill B.
Miami Fl

I am so happy with your Heart & Body Extract I've given them to my parents, as part of their birthday presents. Not only do I feel better, but energized as well!

Karen S.
Chandler, AZ

My blood pressure went down significantly a week after I started taking your Heart and Body Extract.

Thank you!


What a wonderful deal you give me on this Heart And Body Extract, and I'm sure it's stronger than what I've been used to!

Edmonton, Alberta

Before taking Heart and Body extract my legs were all swollen and sore from the knees down. After only 1 week, my legs were back to normal and walking is discomfort free.

Thank You.

Westbank, B.C.

I was a very premature baby and since birth had a number of health problems. At 45 years old, I started taking the Heart and Body Extract and within a few days the irregular heart beat and heart palpitations were gone. Within six months my enlarged heart was normal sized and the heart murmur was gone.

Sheryl H.
San Diego, CA

I have used 3 bottles of Heart and Body Extract. After using 1 bottle my angina discomfort has gone away. I notice I sleep better at night and have more energy. I can walk further and have no need for nitro-spray. Thank you Heart + Body Extract!

Bob M.
Washington, D.C.

I've been using the product Heart & Body Extract for 3 weeks. I've noticed I can see better, my vision has definitely improved.

Thank you,

Ron N.
Burnaby, B.C.

Ron And I are both over 60 and we were experiencing tiredness during the day and frequently needed a nap. After taking Heart and Body Extract for three days we both noticed we had more energy. Now we don't need naps.

Mary N.
Burnaby, B.C.

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